The Mission hit London for one of the remaining date's of their "God is a Bullet" tour . Tonight they were on form top form and I cannot imagine anyone left disappointed , it has been said already some of the shows on this tour had lacked atmosphere , not tonight from the opening notes of "Headshrinker" the audience threw themselves wholeheartedly into the music . Wayne was in a really good mood despite the defeat of his beloved Liverpool in the Champions league Final ,he had obviously put this big disappointment behind him.

The setlist mainly culled tracks from the new album and the London crowd seemed much more familiar than other audiences with the tracks ,"Dumb" ,"Keep it in the Family" and "Blush" were all extremely well received. However the best reaction was saved for the older more well known tracks.This year sees the 1st 3 Mission albums all re-issued for The Mission's 21st Anniversary , and Wayne stated that the Mission's audience were "the best audience in the world" and who can argue with that as Mission fans must be some of the most loyal fan's around , with a lot of the original fans in the audience tonight still keeping the faith after 21 years.

Wayne is a brilliant guitar player , however when is takes off the guitar , as a frontman he comes to life , jumping around the stage , reaching into the audience and getting closer to the fans that he love's so much, tonight it was obvious he was enjoying himself and getting the adulation he deserves so much.The album is a very good and he's out to prove to everybody just how good it is.

Despite the venue's rules during the last number "Tower of Strength" , the audience built their human towers , with Wayne at one point telling the security off for trying to stop this , it's a tradition that must continue, despite looking very rough at the front in the mosh pit everybody is looking after everybody else , helping them up if they fall , sharing around bottles of water and that is the true spirit of The Mission , every time another tour is announced lifelong friends makes plans to meet at shows and help each other . Another Mission tour nearly over , we start to look foward to the next one.